Creastland Boy Records King ATG, Young Newy, Mike Kaliber are Hip Hop Rappers/producers/writers and singers. Madam Bed Bytch, formerly Honey Bones 1, Stimulus4 & Classy Ma'dams, Luxuriiuz are Pop Rock R & B singer-songwriters. They lived in the hometown of legendary James Brown ( Augusta GA). Originally from North Augusta South Carolina. Creastland Boys created their group name in 2005 from a subdivision (Crestland) they lived in for in North Augusta South Carolina.

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My name is Bob Levoy, and I am a U.S. Navy Veteran and music and concert reviewer. I have written over 3500 reviews since the 1980s for my blog Oasis Entertainment and for independent record labels, PR firms, festivals, venues and bands. I write reviews for all genres, except for hip hop, which is not my cup of tea.

In addition to all the independent labels and artists that I have been writing reviews for, I am currently an Author on Staff at Virtuosity Worldwide Arts & Entertainment Magazine, a subsidiary of Virtuosity Worldwide LLC. I write music reviews and do concert and festival interviews and reviews for their magazine.

I will still write reviews for my independent artists and labels in addition to the work I will be doing for Virtuosity Worldwide.

I would also be interested in reviewing your bands music and reviewing your live performance if you are ever in my area. I do not ask for pay for my reviews, I only ask for either a signed Vinyl or CD and an X-large t-shirt that I wear to promote the bands.

You can contact me at one of the links below. Plus, I would love the opportunity to get my vinyl signed the bands.

Bob Levoy
Owner of Oasis Entertainment Blog
Writer for Virtuosity Worldwide Arts & Entertainment Magazine
204 Rainbow Drive
Jonesborough, Tennessee 37659

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Hello ,i am Hazel Parker from united states of America and i am supportive,caring and also i have a passionate of true love in my heart. i just went through your profile today on this site then i pick interest in you and i will like us to know each other more to establish a good relationship and please try to write me at ( then i send you my pictures then introduce myself more better to you ok, thanks.

Thank You for your 5 star rating on my song, Eternal Love. I'm so glad someone likes it, Just got rolling here on the site so I'm new and wasn't sure if anyone would like my stuff. Thanks

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Creastland Boy Records
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You are very welcome!

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