Tony is a vocalist and guitarist of a jazz bent with many years of experience performing a wide range of popular music. He also has some thirty years experience as a cataloger of all manner of musical materials at Binghamton University Libraries in upstate New York.

Tony has taken the challenge of composing in earnest in recent years; a few of his latest creations are represented here. He hopes to add more in the near future. Correspondence is most welcome!

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Once again, a work of mine has been acknowledged by the Great American Song Contest (23rd edition) -- my
"Sticky Tape" was named a top 5 finalist in the instrumental category. I am deeply grateful to those good people that comprise this organisation for the recognition and inspiration, and would strongly encourage anyone seeking to jumpstart their composing career to visit their website for valuable info.      THANK YOU, G.A.S.C.!!


"Tony Tersmette really hits it out of the park with his track Blue Chalk[in']. He builds on the synth pop of the past but definitely takes the song to a place in the future. A solid production and well thought out electric composition." -- Jason Miles, pro reviewer.


Tony's composition "Chanson Sans Paroles" won First Place in the Instrumental category of the 22nd Annual Great American Song Contest.
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Bob Bentley
2 weeks ago to Tony Tersmette

Hi Tony, Many thanks for the stars for The Drawing Room, they are much appreciated.

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Bob Bentley
2 weeks ago

Just scanned through some of your songs near the top of your listing. Although Jazz is a genre I know little about, I can really appreciate the quality of the musicianship, top notch. I got to Sunflower Seeds and you had me, it's beautiful. Be assured, the stars are by no means some reciprocal gesture, the song is excellent.
Good luck,

Tony Tersmette
2 weeks ago

Thank you, Bob. I appreciate your time and attention. I confess, I have been largely missing in action here. Am rather preoccupied with what I'm gonna do next, other distractions as well. And damn computer problems! Sheesh... Thank you, sir. Much respect. -- Tony

Hello! Been busy pondering and working my next compo.

BTW, I would NEVER intentionally assign one of my own tracks ANY stars, much less five. I see that I did this a short time ago, as it appeared in Notifications. I take these to be public and seen by all. This isn't the first time I have done this, an embarrassment for sure (IMHO). I don't know why I/we have the option to do this in the first place. Perhaps I am missing something, and that someone could explain the benefit thereof?

Cheers to all! Hope to be more active again shortly. -- Tony

over 30 days ago to Tony Tersmette

Thanks Tony for the great review of Milepost 681. Much appriciated

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