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March 2022, In the last six months, these songs have been in rotation on the North Central Washington country radio.
I Must Have Kissed An Angel
With No Goodbye
I Won't Be The One 
Hide Your Eyes 

Been really great to hear our work air between the big names of country music.  



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I'm sampling the fare on BJam and listened to I Must Have Kissed An Angel. If I didn't like it I wouldn't be dropping this note. Nice song, good arrangement and nice voice too. I'll be sending a friend request and drop back from time to time to listen to more of your work. Thanks Rich Z aka Zap of Zap & The Wires.

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Margie & Art Corey
3 days ago

Dear Uncle Spider & The Electric Dirt Clods , in your bio, you state that you are being played in North Central Washington country radio, Congrats! I have a query, are you being paid by your Songwriting organization, BMI, Ascap, Sesac?? for that radio rotation on the airwaves??

This question is from Margie& Art Corey/BMI/ Broad Jam Members!!

One more that you vocalizing on on your tunes?? Or is that a Pro Vocalist?? If so what is his name??

Hey Kenny,

Just wanted to stop by and congratulate you guys on your successes. The radio play gig is great.
Outhouse races this year?


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Thank Bill, great to see you on the Top Tens as well. I post some stuff on FB so if you use that and wanna "friend" I'll send you a request. it'll come as DALTON CALDWELL. i'll explain later

Bill Dake
4 weeks ago

Quit FB and social media awhile back but my wife still uses FB and I can use her site to connect.

I've found that the more I spend on Bjam the more top 10's I receive...curious...

Your work is excellent and deserving of recognition however on occasion, other Top10 work i've heard has given me a moment of pause

Bill Dake
4 weeks ago

Really don't understand how all the rating stuff works, all I do know is if I spend some bucks and enter a few contests things happen. Very seldom get more than a couple replies when I send out notices of new tunes and because most of my stuff is Jazz oriented the reviews are few and far between.
Yeah, some of the music on the top 10's seems a bit less than stellar, I'm sure there's some algorithm involved that could explain it all.


Yah...I love your music, your creativity, your dynamics, vocals...all of it!

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