Song Length 5:19 Genre R & B - Soul



(Verse 1)

Time has slipped through my hands again
And I, I just don?t comprehend
Why I, why I still can?t recognize the signs
And when it?s time to say good-bye?
Everything falls apart but we tried
And in the dark I?ll find peace of mind
?cause though I gave it all I had, it?s alright
it?s just another page in?


My life, my life...
It?s so unpredictable?.
My life, my life?
So damn unpredictable?
My life, my life?..
So flippin? unpredictable?
My life, my life?
This is the story of my life?

(Verse 2)

And I am so tired
but my soul, oh my soul is on fire
and like they say, ?It?s better to die on your feet than to live on your knees.?
And inside of me, I want to be strong, but it won?t be long now
So I?ll just sit and watch the stars until they?re gone
Eventually I?ll get up and carry on?
But tell me what?s the point-
with no one or nothing to hold onto?
But I?m living and I?m paying my dues?
My dues??.



But I see all the colors in the horizon
If I can make it over this mountain
And focus on what I need to do
Somehow I know I?ll make it through
I know I?ll make it through, make it through?

Even though I have no idea what I?m here for
Somehow I know in my soul, no matter where I go
I?m going to be alright, alright? yeah?


repeat bridge?

Lyrics Zanya Laurence Music Acapella
Producer Zanya Laurence Publisher Soul Spot Music Publishing
Performance Zanya Laurence Label Soul Spot Music

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