Lose My #

Song Length 4:33 Genre R & B - Soul




You know babe?
I think it?s time for a change
I mean?
This isn?t working out like I thought it would.

(Verse 1)

Where did all the good times go?
Seems like you lost your glow
So I guess it?s true when they say all things change
Yes all things change?
And I was a fool to think our love could stay
Stay the same.
Well all is said and done
And now you-
you want to be in love
But I won?t-
I won?t be a chump
Because I-
I said I had enough
I said I had enough? yeah?
?cause I don?t-
Cause I don?t need the games
And sure don?t-
And sure don?t need the pain
See what I?m-
what I?m trying to say
Is you can go ahead?
Go ahead babe and?


Lose my number
And don?t call here anymore
Don?t want to hear it
You see I?ve heard it all before
And don?t even think
About knocking on my door
you can forget my name
?cause I don?t know you anymore?

(Verse 2)

But I thought I did?
I really thought I did.
And it?s so sad, so sad, so sad?
How love will make you feel
So bad, so bad, so bad?
And oh your love is real
Now that I?m okay
But you couldn?t see a good thing
When it stared you in the face
You chose to look away
What made you think I?d stay now
It ain?t worth the chase
What a shame
You let my love go to waste
It?s sad but true
that I can never be replaced
so how you like the facts you?ve got to face, baby
how does it feel to be the one missing
the one wanting, the one calling?
Tell me how it feels
To be the one, now you?re the one?.
You?re the one
?Cause I don?t care
and I don?t want to be down
I said you?ve got some nerve coming around
Don?t need you trying to justify
Yourself with more lies
?cause it won?t work this time so?


(Verse 3)

Don?t want to talk about it
Don?t want to lose my cool?
All I?ve got to say is
You ain?t nothing but a fool
And don?t think
I?ll fall weak to the sound of your voice
Just let me tell you
You?ve got something coming boy?.
What?! Did you think I would cry?
What?! Did you think I would die?
Why- don?t you look in my eye
And read my lips


Lyrics Zanya Laurence Music Music written & arranged by Fingaz & Twirp.
Producer Zanya Laurence Publisher Soul Serious Music Publishing
Performance Zanya Laurence Label Soul Spot Music
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