Song Length 3:22 Genre R & B - Soul



(Verse 1)

Another Sunday all alone
Can?t wait for Monday to come along
To give me something to keep me occupied
I Light a cigarette to keep my glass of wine company
While I strum my guitar
I start to sing but don?t get very far
?cause I feel you, I feel you?
in my hands and my toes
how you do no one knows?


Just like the blue in the sky
And like the red in my wine
The very thought of you
Can?t get it out my mind, my mind, my mind?

(Verse 2)

Now I?m sitting by the telephone
I want to call you, but I know nobody?s home
If I could only redeem my only heart
Then maybe I could control my every thought
But you?ve got such a strong hold
This love is like love in blindfold
Lost in a black hole?
Feels like I?ll never be whole until I hear you say?


ooh like the blue in the sky?
and like the red in my wine
ooh, ooh????..
can?t get you out of my mind

out of my mind?

Lyrics Zanya Laurence Music Music written & arranged by Djayz & Kunta Kinte?.
Producer Zanya Laurence Publisher Soul Serious Music Publishing
Performance Zanya Laurence Label Soul Spot Music
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