Song Length 3:48 Genre R & B - Soul




Can?t sleep?
I can?t sleep?


I wake up to the rain on my window-pane
Everyday still playing the game
Still, still trying to maintain
Still, still trying to stay sane
Still dealing with the same old bullshit
But I can?t quit and I can?t trip
?cause God has blessed me with enough to live
but one day something?s got to give
it?s got to give- oh?


Rhythm, rhythm?
Just trying to find my rhythm
I?m just trying to find the rhythm
Everyday and night
In this crazy life.. (x2)

(Verse 2 feat. Smoke Dawg)



Lord, please stop the rain
Oh Lord, please heal the pain (x2)

When you?re trying to hold the weight of the world
It gets hard
So I?m trying to find the rhythm so I don?t fall apart
So every word that you speak
Make sure it comes from the heart
?cause you don?t want to find yourself lost in the dark
See I?ve been there and done it
It?s a lesson in life
You do what you got to do to find your light
So I?m thinking about a way out this game
You need to listen?
You need to find your rhythm?

Lyrics Zanya Laurence & Smoke Dawg Music Music written & arranged by Big Vic Alvarado.
Producer Zanya Laurence Publisher Soul Serious Music Publishing
Performance Zanya Laurence & Smoke Dawg Label Soul Spot Music
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