A Long Road

Song Length 3:06 Genre R & B - Soul




It?s been a long road
And I?ve seen people come and go
It?s crazy
There?s some you may think you know
But you really don?t?


Don?t be deceived
It ain?t what it seems (x2)



There?s only few who are true to you
And themselves
And for long I believed that I
I really knew you well?
And I never understood
What compels a person to be something else
Other than his or herself
But in a nutshell
Everything you are
And everything you have, yeah
See it don?t mean a thing
If it ain?t real
So why are you concealed
Darling what?s the deal?
This is how I feel
How I feel?.


Lyrics Zanya Laurence Music Music written & arranged by Rosilles.
Producer Zanya Laurence Publisher Soul Serious Music Publishing
Performance Zanya Laurence Label Soul Spot Music
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