Sweet Sun

Song Length 3:41 Genre R & B - Soul



(Verse 1)

So far from everything I know
But somehow I feel right at home with you
And everyday I go into the world
And I do my thing
But I?ve got something good to
Come home to?.


?Cause baby?
Oh darling?
You?ve got me and I?ve got you too?


You?re my sweet sunshine
Sweet sunshine?
Sweet sunshine (x2)

(Verse 2)

You have a way that
Always makes me
Feel alright
Even when the days are
Cold and there?s no
Hope in sight
You stick aound
?cause my baby?s down

And you understand I?ve got to do
What I?ve got to do
Just taking care of business
And loving you every minute, yeah..
And I don?t want nobody if it ain?t your body ooh..
?cause you love me for who I am and
I?m proud to call you my man, yeah oh?


Your Love,
Love shines down, down?. Yeah?.

Love shine, love shine, love shine
Down (sweet sunshine) (x2)


Lyrics Zanya Laurence Music Music written & arranged by Mad K.
Producer Zanya Laurence Publisher Soul Serious Music Publishing
Performance Zanya Laurence Label Soul Spot Music

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