New Day

Song Length 4:40 Genre R & B - Soul




Today everything?s going to be okay
Put the past away
Yesterday left a passageway to a new day
To a new day? (x2)

(Verse 2)

Life rushes
It comes and it goes
But I understand in order to grow
Just got to go with the flow
Never knowing what you?re going to get?
But in the end it reflects the path that we chose
And it shows?
It shows a new day, a new day?


(Verse 2)

I once was lost but now I?ve found
My two feet on solid ground and
I once was lost but now I see
The light shining over me

It?s alright, it?s okay
It?s a whole new day?


(Verse 3)

Sometimes I feel like freezing time
Just for a moment of peace of mind
?cause in order to find happiness
you?ve got to live one day at a time
and I understand you?ve got to get yours
just like I?ve got to get mine
so unwind your mind and
let the stress of yesterday slip away with ease
enjoy the sun and the breeze
meet up with the folks
or smoke some grade A trees
seize the time
smile and laugh as you please
wishing for more days just like these
gives me a chance to relieve the trife
?cause it?s an everyday hustle
a constant struggle
but that?s life
that?s life?.


Lyrics Zanya Laurence Music Music written & arranged by Rosilles.
Producer Zanya Laurence Publisher Soul Serious Music Publishing
Performance Zanya Laurence Label Soul Spot Music

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