Song Length 5:57 Genre R & B - Soul





Look around at our world and our people
Full of hate and destruction
Is it too late?

(Verse 1)

Is it too late to fix what?s broken?
The heart of Earth herself?
or the unity of mankind?
Take a closer look and this is what you?ll find?


(Verse 2)

Or is it all a dream?
Floating around the sun
Or can it really be
That the end will come?


What I want to know
All I want to know
Is can I go,
All I want to do is go
But I can?t so
Promise you?ll stick it out with me?


(Verse 3)

Just lost-
It feels so dead
But we?re still living in a sense?
And in such a crooked way
We don?t know which way to go each day?
So we just go with the flow
?til our lives have gone astray
so I say,
what?s the deal?
Why the confusion?
Since the first of evolution,
Yet no one?s looking for a solution
Why do I feel like I?m all alone?
Like I?m fighting an inside war of my own?
I should have known-
Madd words, thoughts and emotions colliding
Now who?s going to be there when
I need someone to confide in?
Still trying?
Can?t let myself subside in this hazy world
What a cold, cold world it is
Let us rise above the hatred and sorrow
Look around at this rate
We?ll be lucky if we see tomorrow?


Is it too, is it too late (x3)

Too Late?..

Just look around
Do you see what I see?


Crazy, ain?t it?
Look around..
Just how it is..

Lyrics Zanya Laurence Music Music written & arranged by D. Vigil.
Producer Zanya Laurence Publisher Soul Serious Music Publishing
Performance Zanya Laurence. Featured vocal by Richard Laurence. Label Soul Spot Music

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