Nothing Short Of Paradise / R&B

Story Behind The Song

wrote this one for our upcoming 10th anniversary. This oughtta keep me out of the dog house for a while.

Song Length 3:24 Genre R & B - Contemporary, Latin - General
Subject Loving Marriage


the hook:

Nothing short of paradise
is her love
and I love her

Like this tune very much. Sounds like the perfect background type of song for Film/TV.

Nice instrumentation/arrangement.

Well done!

If this was truly one track it would have potential to be pretty nice.

Catchy intro. This is probably backing tracks for a vocal tune. The piano plays a catchy melody. The melodies are very catchy.... Very thematic and drama filled. The structure is solid, melodies are featured and parts arranged well to support. The guitar sound is nice and full, in tune and pleasant.

I like the string sounds you blended and the whole feel of the track.

The music suggested expectation, something about to happen. So it would be suitable as a TV or film track, or introduction to a series. Something highlighting expectation, imminent events.It was an original composition, and didn't sound too predictable, which was good. That sometimes limits commercial potential, as well as sometimes enhancing it.

This is an interesting song. very relaxing and introspective.

The track could be interesting as a soundtrack. The book is easy to follow and creates an interesting atmosphere. The instrument set chosen is appropriate. Recording can give an idea of then final track and the arrangement is correct. The track is not one of a kind, but it's interesting.

Nice feel.

Beautiful cue. Would work very well for Film/TV. I can see a mobster dinner scene. Guitar is the star obviously. I like the changes. Nicely done.

nice remake of a sade classic

I love the smooth fill of this instrumental. My imagination was immediately taken to another place while listening. Your ability to transport a listener into another world is amazing. I will definitely say that I felt every inch of soul from the melody of this record. This song reminded me of the smooths tones you'd hear from the amazing legendary R&B artist Sade.

There are a lot of areas that could be improved upon

This song has a nice groove and melody to it. The production is just right for this type of music. I liked this song very much.

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