Uncle Spider & The Electric Dirt Clods

Uncle Spider & The Electric Dirt Clods


Song Length 3:30 Genre R & B - Contemporary, R & B - General
Tempo Medium (111 - 130) Lead Vocal Female Vocal
Mood Engaging Subject Attracted, Crush
Era 2000 and later


A little tension turns to apprehension
Whenever you come near
My Opposition All my inhibitions
They slowly all disappear
And when I see you walking
Down on the avenue

You leave me breathless
Ooh you leave me breathless
I'll leave you breathless too
You leave me breathless trembling and restless
I'll leave you breathless too

I used to wonder If I'd feel the thunder
From someone just like you
You lit a fever in this unbeliever
Now I believe that it's true
You are my one desire Just like a dream come true

You leave me breathless
Ooh you leave me breathless
I'll leave you breathless too
You leave me breathless trembling and restless
I'll leave you breathless too

Cinderella had her fella
Up on the silver screen
Romeo come say hello
But skip the final scene

Birds of a feather We will be together
I'll even wear your ring
When I'm your lover You'll never need another
You'll never need a thing

Passion should keep no secrets
This secrets just for you

Chorus x 2

I really enjoyed the melody and the mood of this tune!Lot's of emotion!
LC Team

I love the piano arrangement.. composer did a great job. Vocals wet clear,and you could hear what was said... production of track was good.. I'd give it an overall rating of A.

I love the way this song starts, very cool instrumentation - the lead female vocals are wonderful and very sweet also the vocals really keep the listener engaged. One of the best vocal performances I've heard, very unique voice for sure!

Smooth groove, some of the breaks were very creative. Vocal arrangements were interesting. Great use of auxiliary sounds to build the verses i.e. strings. The bridge was really good.

Really liked the walking piano octave notes underneath the tune.

I like the song reminds me of Sade i the hook is very catchy and the warm vocals are very enticing i would love to hear more from you

Nice track! Smooth groove. Nice changes and melodic choices. Good vocals. Has almost a Sade type feel over an r&b track. Definitely has an authentic r&b feel. Bridge was wonderfully refreshing. Nice unexpected changes and harmonies as well. Piano is great. Definitely a song I would have on my playlist. I look forward to hearing more. Great work!

the instrumental sounds great, it is simple and easy to follow, it almost has a ballad feel to the sound, sounds like it almost has a 90s vibe to it, the hook is catchy and easy to repeat, good job on the hook/chorus, i see where you are going with the song would like to see what a video would look like to this song

Nice groove and great bass tone, that jumped out at me right from the get go. I dig these vocals too. Real nice stuff here!

love the voice. and the beat goes right alone with her voice... over all I like the song

I liked the harmony intro of voices and tempo

I wouldn't call this R&B but I potentially like the song.
It reminds me of a Carly Simon/Carole King type of vibe which does make it a bit dated sounding, I like the voice too
Well done

vocals are good as well as the melody

Great vocal performance. Loved the lyrical arrangement too. The music arrangement seems a little to mechanical or quantized. The vocals are beautiful but the reverb makes hard to understand. It places the vocals in a distance from the listener. This is a great kinda SADE song with a couple production fixes. I'd buy this!!

Song has nice key changes and catchy hook.

Song has great feel kind of like a Sade type feel.

Lyrics Steven Noguera Music Kenney & Steven Noguera
Producer Steven Noguera Performance Steven Noguera keney Noguera / Vocals Mary Noguera
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