Song Length 3:10 Genre Electronic - Drum N' Bass, Pop - Dreampop
Tempo Medium Slow (91 - 110)

Cool tune. Very laid back. I think it fits nicely in the New Age - Ambient genre. The guitars sound nice along that sitar like lead line that plays throughout the track. Good tune. I hope to hear more from this artist

Good job it s cool to hear

The guitar tone is nice, and is well played, nicely in tune, and has a pleasant relaxed feel. I wasn't sure if it was real guitar or samples - either way, the sound and technique is well done. And I like the artist's thinking outside the box with instrumentation.

sweet tasty beat with the kick/ride/rimshot. I like that synth too

I can almost feel a touch of the orient in the mix.....sounds like you would work well in any field for movies. adds etc....I enjoyed the ride....

I like to listen to this kind of music when I'm relaxing about the house; going about my daily routine. This is an electronic ambient piece that has a smooth guitar backing. My sister says she likes this kind of music when she's studying or just pondering on things. Stephen says he likes this kind of music when he's working on his snowmobile.

Nice melodic cymbalom type sound backed by tinkling piano. There's a nice wistful and thoughtful quality to this piece, could accompany a county walk film sequence or something like that. Nice shimmering quality throughout.

A fun and unique song. The harp or plucking sound is really cool and blends well with all the modern sounds. Effects are well done and really add a deeper element to the song.

Smooth and Creamy, nice unique world jazz/RnB sound. Arrangement is awesome. Nyce unique sound. Would like to hear more from this Artist.

It has serious potential, the hooks were all in order got a new age vibe for sure Enjoyable.

some nice mood ideas

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