It Could A Been A Bad Move / Rock

Song Length 2:07 Genre Pop - Rock
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Very enjoyable instrumental track, with mesmerizing groove and nice riffs galore. A tad short. But it's not a real problem. A like songs that says what they have to say and then just ends.

The groove is solid and good instrumentation! The guitar during the hook is my fav.

Really good piece with a great beat that keeps your toes tapping throughout. Ideal choice of instruments. Just an overall really cool piece.

Really nice groove. Enjoyed the Los Lonely Boys backing guitar @ 1:27

its got a good groove goin onn

I could not fit this into the genres given, so I said pop - but it's not! It has a great groove and would be great to listen to cruising along in the car in a city. I like the instrumentation and the vocal sounds. I also like short songs/tracks. So many songs these days are too long. This says it all in just over two minutes, and a happy just over two minutes at that. Thank you and nice work!

nice guitar/ shuffle beat kinda thang. loopy...

pretty groovy sound

Nice groove. Nice textures. I like the way you did not overplay on any particular instrument.

like the overall vibe and feel, beat.

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