I'd Throw It All Away For You / Hard Rock

Song Length 3:55 Genre Rock - Hard Rock, Rock - Indie/Low-Fi

interesting progression and guitar tone. Really nice melody, the song moves well through its changes with infectious hooks and riffs. For this just being one guitar and backing drums this is really quite good. This track has great potential if you ever wanted to fill it out with a complete band sound. The melody is just Steller.

Nice sound overall on the guitar. The progression was interesting and kept my foot tapping. Reminds me of rhythmic Eric Johnson in tone.

Nice guitar theme, very catchy which is what you want... helps the listener remember your song. Good programming on the rhythm instruments, drum part has some creative elements.

Cool chord changes and interesting use of major melodies in the hook.

This song features some very tasty guitar riffs. While the guitarist is talented, he never sacrifices melody for show boating. The harmonies are clean and well thought out and the arrangement supports the overall feel of the song. This is a great effort and supports the notion that, above all else, the song comes first!

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