Story Behind The Song

After submitting one of my earlier songs 'Night Thoughts' to a pro-reviewer, he suggested the song was too long and dran out, plus the title was not in the song. I took the song, took out 3 minutes, including an instrumental section and two verses, and hence Netherworld is born.

Song Description

This version of the song employs the talents of new singer Emma Jane Toop.

Song Length 4:23 Genre Pop - Dreampop, Folk - Alternative
Tempo Medium (111 - 130) Mood Heartbreaking, Composed
Subject Existence, Dysfunctional Relations Similar Artists Dido, Beth Orton, Kate Bush
Language English Era 2000 and later


I see you now
I can't see how
I did something wrong
you won't talk to me now
Do I really deserve
Does my memory serve
Now I am wide awake
You're so far from me somehow.

I looked toward you, but you simply looked away
Why can't I be with you in the netherworld?
I run toward you but you're still so far away
Why can't I reach you here in the netherworld?

Placed before me
A back story
I just can't unlock my mind
I did something
You just can't forgive
I just can't get through
There really is no truth

Any thoughts I have
I try to keep
I can only see you
At night when I sleep
Were you ever there
Are you in in my head
All traces vanish
when I wake from my bed.

NetherWorld is a fascinating soundtrack with a hauntingly tranquil vocal overlay. Excellent execution from an amazing Artist......

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Producer Trinity Performance Trinity, Emma Jane Toop
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