Recognize My Voice

Song Description

This is a song about the ambivalent feelings involved with a break up, from bargaining, to anger to absolution

Song Length 5:36 Genre Pop - Rock, Rock - New Wave
Tempo Medium (111 - 130) Lead Vocal Female Vocal
Mood Restless, Disturbed Subject Judgement, Frustration
Similar Artists Joan Jett, Blondie, The Shangrilas Language English


Can you feel our pleasures meet
Kind of warm and bittersweet
Seems you're hungry after all
To see me take the final call
Makes no difference either way
If you go or if you stay
I can make it on my own
Can't you hear the sour tone.

This is your choice, either stay or go
In the end, if you can't hear the words just recognise my voice
There's little consequence, either stay or go
In the end. it's your decision now just recognize my voice

Can't you see, the bigger picture
Framed in colour resplendent vision
It's laid out there in front of you
Please tell me what you want to do
It doesn't matter any way
You took too long to have your say
Now I can cut myself free
Your fate is really up to me

Did you think, you really had control
Your bitter damaged soul
Is toxic to me
I called your bluff
You never had a chance
Laid out in advance
Your worthless life
I can cast away

It's only now our pressures meet
It's so sad and Indiscreet
I set the bait up to your lips
To see exactly where you sit
I set you up a simple task
Just for fun I thought I'd ask
You really thought you had a say
Who really needs you anyway.

You have no choice, it is your time to go
In the end, I don't care how you feel, just recognise my voice
I gave you everything, just get up and go
In the end, I'm so much better off, just recognize my voice

It was easy, You had a voice
If you had an answer, you could have a choice
You just sat there, and left me to it
You're free to leave, just get up and do it.

Lyrics Trinity Music Trinity
Producer Audio Mixing & Mastering BV Performance Trinity/Samantha Laurilla (Vocals)
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