Infinite Possibilities

Song Description

This is a song about paranoia, and the feeling of being constricted and judged by those around you. A feeling of isolation and alienation.

Song Length 8:38 Genre Electronic - Trip Hop, Pop - Rock
Tempo Slow (71 - 90) Lead Vocal Female Vocal
Mood Troubled, Disturbed Subject Darkness, Sanity/Insanity
Language English


A damaged psyche inspiring me
With infinite possibilities
I will get by
Misleading, jaded point of view
Renders this life somewhat eschew
I will get by

Walking down a dirty street
Our heads are down, no eyes will meet
The angel's on your doorstep counting time
My own world view has lost it's curve
How do I live which gods I serve
Nothing matters, nothing's making sense

Let it ride, let it ride
What we do or what we say
Let it ride, let it ride
Will determine our chosen way
Let it ride, Let it ride
The game of chance plays swiftly on
Let it ride, till it comes again
Then let go

We are a product of those around
A metaphor not strictly sound
I will get by
What if those show signs of threat
Those we know or newly met
I will get by

We're influenced by those we choose
To walk a lifetime in our shoes
The devil's on our shoulder counting time
Do we cry or do we flinch
Or climb the mountain inch by inch
Nothing matters, nothing's making sense

How are children supposed to respect
The guardians showing willful neglect
How are we all supposed to feel secure
Feeling safe. comforted and sure
Feel betrayed by those you're meant to trust
Our metal starts to gradually rust
A life of dreams can turn steadily sour
With trustees abusing their power.

Life can move fast or slow right down
Alienation masking our frown
The Angel's spreading rumors through our mind
Our life's placed out for all to see
Our pride and mediocrity
Nothing matters, Nothing's making sense.

Lyrics Trinity Music Trinity
Producer Audio Mixing & Mastering BV Performance Trinity/Samantha Laurilla (Vocals)
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