Time To Question

Song Description

This is the first track from the album 'Hiding In Plain Sight' by Charm Offensive. I am working under that name for this product as my 'Trinity' name has been used too often, and I am disallowed to use it on Spotify etc. All the tracks feature the imme

Song Length 6:21 Genre Pop - Alternative, Pop - Dreampop
Lead Vocal Female Vocal Language English
Era 2000 and later


Time to question, the story of my life
Whether to plan, or let it run it's course
Time to question, the map that routes my dream
Am I on point, or drifting aimlessly

I write my life so skillfully
Direction placed so willfully
But what if everything I planned
spins wildly out of place
It's time to question all I've known
The letters sent, the seeds I've sown
The answer to the question I don't know.

Time to question, my childhood dreams of life
Something I've held on a vice like grip so far
Time to question, is it still worthwhile
Maturity, robbed my idealistic view

Should I change to meet the times
Should I disgard my lifelong signs
Am I being foolish thinking
Dreams are worth the risk
Life happens hapahzardly
But gives another path to see
The answer to the question, I don't know

Should I take a breath, or walk another mile
Have I missed so much making life worthwhile

Lyrics Greg Beale Music Greg Beale
Producer Georgina Agombar Publisher Greg Beale
Performance Greg Beale

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