Navy Boy

Song Length 4:37 Genre Pop - General


So you've gotta go away, pack your bags leave today. You look nice in your sailor suit. I guess they need you, more than I do so just be brave. Know you'll stay with me, when we're apart When looking cross the ocean smooth, Navy blue, Nany goes with you.

Oh my sailor boy I'll be here for you. I'll bee here for you. May it be my life, Let's bring it on I'll wait for you. Tilt your head to the sunset, and think of me. Look for me. I'm forever in your debt. Love you gave me will last always.

Write you a letter everyday. Sprinkle with potpourri. Hope the scent stays. It gives me pleasure to look at all, the stationary mounted on my wall. Dear Navy boy, Sailor boy, I miss you, more than my letters say. But if you ever feel alone, know that I'm alone, at home.


It's raining, It's cold out, and I'm alone. Cab pulls up, to the driveway, and I see you smile. It's raining. It's cold out, but I don't care. I hold you, I kiss you, and I ruffle your hair.

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