Logic Be Gone

Song Length 3:58 Genre Pop - General


Humans would be machines, If everything could be explained. A hollow thump each heart would be, if all ambition was the same. If reason led the way to every answer ever known. Then the point to go on living, would be to live each day alone.

Logic be gone, logic be gone Don't try and tell me that I'm wrong

Selfish are we who try to search for the truth all by ourselves Impatient are the ones who force ime to cast yet another spell. "Repetition" is one song my soul will never tire to sing. And undeserved torment the world will now and forever bring.


A salty drop of water falls along a rose stained slide. And when it reaches unspoken words, reality and hope collide. When lashes no longer flicker, towards jagged shards of glass. And the letters that arrange your name are now looked upon last.


When the stars, don't rush away at a new dawn that's when you'll hear yourself say "logic be gone" Be gone. Be gone. Be gone.

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Clean Clean

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