It won't be Me

Song Length 4:02 Genre Pop - General


I think its too soon to say what is going on in my mind about you. So I'll try to hide it if you want to. Don't be concerned, this feeling, will be gone by tomorrow. If it sticks around, I'll drag it to the ground, and pound it in. That's all I know.

It won't be me.
It won't be me.
I won't be the one to try and change everything.
I won't say the word.
I won't be the girl.
I won't be the girl to decide if you want me.

Your tasting the game. Could it be, a dazzling simple drink. You're crossing the line, pay the fee. It's not what you think. It's a dream.

Don't look at my face. It's not your place, to be figuring it out. I've got nothing to hide. I'll change my mind, and say my thoughts out loud.


I wanted you to know that our love could never be. Unless you said the word and gave into me.

Clean Clean

Clean Clean

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