Meaning to a Kiss

Song Length 4:17 Genre Pop - General


Wish that I could see you every single day.
Wish that I could find the right thing to say.
I know I'm losing you. You know, I'm not choosing to.

You think that I'm playing, that I'm not for real. Well, how do I make you feel,m the truth.

What can I say? What can I do, to prove that it's real to you?

What can I do? I can tell you.

You, gave meaning to a kiss. I'd burn down all the bridges for this, A kiss. And you, gave meaning to a touch. I'd break down all the buildings. I love you, so much, so much.

If it comes from my lips, I swear it's genuine. If followed by a smile, I swear it's not a line. I know you've seen me playing before. You know, it's not time, to be playing any more.


Now wish that all I had was gone, So I could take you on.
and take you on, with all I had.

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Clean Clean

Clean Clean

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