By The Fire

Song Length 4:37 Genre Pop - General


All aboard, all aboard, all aboard, other side to the shore. Bring some blankets even though it's not cold. Other side to the shore.

Arriving, arriving, always on time, all my firends I know so well. My people easy talking to keep as mine, splendid company. Welcoming, you can tell.

By the fire I'll find a place for you, a place for you.
I;ll wait all night if you want me to. Quiet chuckles, soft slow dancing silhouette, the water. And they'll be saying, he forgot her.

And that's about the time that lovers set their hears to rest. They'll walk along the shore around the bend, and they know best.

And I'll be smiling and the stars will say, "It's getting late" and I'll turn around to hear you say, "Did I make you wait"?

Hey where's that guy, I saw you with? Yeah, he'll be here. He got caught in life a bit.

See he promised me for company can see in their eyes, they know I wasn't supposed to come alone.

I'm riveting away into the sand, where it's safe. I'm weaving all your promises into this ever lasting day.

Clean Clean

Clean Clean

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