It's nice to be in love

Song Length 4:06 Genre Pop - General


What if you knew, the way that I listened to you breathe. Have you ever seen me try, to memorise your sleep.

Over again, I say your name to keep you near. And the stars don't act the same, when they notice you're not here.

Pull me over your head, and hide away. Never give me up, because I love you.

Let me make certain that this is now and today. Never look away, because I love you.

you worked out everything. Worked out everything. You made us be.....everything

I can't believe it's us. Can't believe we've won. Can't believe it's nice to be in love.

Standing near by, right by my side where you have always been. I heard you sigh, while the sky was glowing red.

I know the space, in between each beat of your heart. Both know our place. At least we know where to start.


Clean Clean

Clean Clean

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