Stop Moaning

Story Behind The Song

Something of a comment on how we all seem so precious, thin-skinned and judgemental in these times. Probably the result of over use of social media.

Song Description

I have remixed and re-arranged this a little since, making the outro two bars only and making a bigger musical change of instrumentation in the middle 8. Pending release. The 'chattering' synth sound is intentionally unpleasant musically.

Song Length 3:30 Genre Pop - General

I like the passion and heart!

This song packs a punch at the person who blames everyone else for their trouble and never makes any progress in life. It's a tough subject and this songwriter shoots at its victim with both barrels wide open. The lyrics are powerful and sharp, aimed right at the heart of the culprit. I think the strongest point in this song are the lyrics. The instrumental section at the end seemed to be electronic darts aimed at the person the song is about. Bound to elicit a big OUCH!

This is a good song with god subject matter

I was really confused by the pitches I heard when the song started, but it fell into place as the song grew. Good mix of pop and hip-hop. Lots of Floyd / Parson feel sprinkled around. Unusual choice of instrumentation for the solo.

I liked this for its originality and progressive underground feel. Although it leans more to the pop side of unique it has a distinctive quality where you are drawn into listen carefully. I doubt if this piece is everyones cup of tea but it had elements of many of the late 60's nd early 70's experimental psychedelic , glamour rock interchange.

Clean Clean

Clean Clean

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