A Little More Time

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I like the sonics but there is no hook in this song. I mean to find a big guitar riff for it!

Song Length 3:34 Genre Rock - General, Rock - Alternative
Lead Vocal Male Vocal Similar Artists I'm not at all sure


Then you tell me everything's fine
All we need is a little more time
Smiles behind shades in the sunshine
You swear to me you'll always be mine
But that's not the way it feels
No that's not the way it feels

Here we are in paradise
My oh my isn't everything nice
Turning virtue into vice
All for such a reasonable price

That's the way it feels

All we need is a little more time
Turn this water into wine
All we need, a little more time, little more time

I wish you'd tell me everything's fine
I think we're running out of time
Smiles are fading in the sunshine
One last chance to always be mine

I guess that's the way it is....


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