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Rock - Alternative | Dublin, Dublin City, Ireland
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Stanford posted over 30 days ago to Bob Birthisel

Bob. I'm sorry. I've reviewed another one of yours because I didn't recognize you. Thought you were all country. Totally different style, if I'd known it was you I'd have dropped out. You must be sick of me. All yours are coming up for review. You're a very accomplished guitarist I feel hardly worthy to review but despite not having so much talent I've a decent ear I think. Hope you take my comments as intended, cheers

Bob Birthisel posted over 30 days ago

Not a problem - I hope you enjoy what you hear anyway, and I never get sick of feedback!

Bob Birthisel posted over 30 days ago

One other note, that is just the instrumental edited version of my full-vocal song "What About My Reward" but I stuck it on not so much as a song, as something that a music supervisor might want for a background scene in a film or TV show.

Stanford posted over 30 days ago

Listened again, I can't get near you're playing but I'm going to be cheeky, I'm not hearing enough bass, there's some nice higher register bass lines but I do want some more bottom end for me and just for me too even loving the guitars I would want some synth or other sounds for my prog rock. But loving the guitar work.

Bob Birthisel posted over 30 days ago to Stanford

Thanks for the nice review of my song "Cowboy Shuffle" (Instrumental Edit). That's taken from my song "Cowboy" that has full male vocal and harmonies, so feel free to check that out and see the story line that made the song originally!

Stanford posted over 30 days ago

Hi Bob I listened to the Cowboy song and it's great too. I still hear Shania Twain singing the melody and lyric I had in my ear when there was none! You played me all the way, like when my fiddles on fire it doesn't happen everyday. Yeah I don't know where that came from either just the music sounds real fun and saucy to me. All the best

Patrick E. Muth/Catnip Pat posted over 30 days ago to Stanford

Welome to Broadjam Stanford! You'll have a lot of fun on here! Thanks for the review of "Train On The Track". I'll see if I can tighten it up a bit! Catnip

Cassidy A. Maze posted over 30 days ago to Stanford

good music for an old fashioned SUN Salutation!

Ladee V posted over 30 days ago to HuskyRecords.TV

LOL... Tell you son I said thank you very much. You are correct. If it catches anyone 25 and under then it is definitely a compliment indeed. I have kids to so I know! :) Thank you for your review and good rating. Cheers!

Stanford posted over 30 days ago

I've just reviewed another one of yours. I didn't recognise you otherwise I might have dropped out or you'll get sick of my reviews. I love your style though, 'gentle' and positive. Hope you take my critical comments positively, it's what I hear but you can go your own way too! All the best

Ladee V posted over 30 days ago

Hey, critiques should always be constructive and that's how I take them. :) Thanks for your review.

E.J. Bell posted over 30 days ago to Stanford

Thank you for the review if my Song "Suspicions Confirmed" I appreciate your Honesty and Comments. Take Care.

HuskyRecords.TV posted over 30 days ago

Respect Stanford. Thank you for your review of Nobody. I appreciate your honesty & review. All the best my friend & enjoy your day.

Stanford posted over 30 days ago to David James

Hi David, thanks for your review of my little piece, just what I need, it's hard to be objective just playing away here at home but I had similar thought as to the weaker parts. It's still in the mixer in Reason so I'll probably tweak it. At the moment I'm just noodling for fun and most self conscious of mine own singing so focusing there next. Just listened to Culture there, sounds great. If you think you need another ear on a piece then I can always find something! To constructively critique...

David James posted over 30 days ago

Hi Stanford. I've sent you a friends request, if you want to link up and make communication easier. David.

Kate Carpenter posted over 30 days ago to Stanford

Hello Stanford. Thanks for the review of FL kids jingle bells. We had fun recording that. Still getting a ggid amount of streams out there. My sparse spotify pennies! Mrs Kate

Stanford posted over 30 days ago to Greg Johnson

Darn it, forgot to give the marks in my review I've just done and no option to go back and correct. Anyway I enjoyed it, hopefully my comments cover it. My only small critique is on the lyrics which captured me in parts but not quite all over.

Greg Johnson posted over 30 days ago

Hi Stanford, I'd be curious of your interpretation of the lyrics. Maybe they are too cryptic. Let me know if you can make any sense of them upon a second read. Take care. Greg

Stanford posted over 30 days ago

Hi Greg, listened again. Initially because it's such a light, feel good piece of music, summer in California. I'm hearing it off the bat as a theme tune type thing for 'like' 90210 or Friends. Then there's the reference to needing schooling, (which I think pops out) and waiting at the gates which leads me subconsciously. So it sounds like a love song about being done over by a girl in your early years, a troublesome early love but now you're over it, rather than a song about destiny dealing you out. Mind you I've been done over by women more than destiny itself so it's probably mine own contextual references in play there!

Stanford posted over 30 days ago to Ashley Martin

Hi Ashley. Just wanted to add to my review now I've heard the other version and your own comments. I think you got your money's worth on the other version, the singer is great and the male voice carries lyrics that I found just slightly cheesy in your version. Maybe that's sexist but it's the way I heard it. Hearing your unplugged version then I have that context so yours sounds different. I know what you mean about wanting to make it more dusty and lonesome, the other version doesn't have quite all that but it's more interesting and full sounding to a neutral. It could probably have been a more spare mix there though.

Ashley Martin posted over 30 days ago

Thank you very much for your in-depth review. If I am learning one thing, art is is truly in the eye of the beholder. I've had people tell me the opposite about my version and others who agree with you. My version was actually a total scratch track, the producer was giving me some free recording time, and we just layed it down, one run. So I agree, there is much that could be done to add some dimension. And the other singer..... he just didn't have his heart in it and a little too honky tonk twang for my taste. I don't even really listen to country! Go figure. And the lyrics, they are actually very personal, and I could see how they could be construed as cheesy, but it's about feeling misplaced, aimless, being locked in cycles of self-sabatoge, a slave to the image we hold of ourselves and the events that shape us. We all want to find love, but some of us have a knack for screwing it up every time. Ha, anyways, I ramble. Cheers, Ash

GUSTAV posted over 30 days ago

Both versions work for me in their own fashion.

Ashley Martin posted over 30 days ago

Hey thanks Peter!

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