Promised Land

Song Description

A song for equality. It needs a rework; a chorus and a big remix.

Song Length 3:02 Genre Pop - Rock, Rock - Indie/Low-Fi
Lead Vocal Male Vocal Subject Equality
Language English


Here we are in the promised land
Where the dreams we hold slip through our hands
And you say yeah, this is the promised land
But I don't want to grow what I don't understand
And to be fair you have the upper hand
Why feed a dream when it just makes it harder

Take a look and see
It's all around
Seed sown on stony ground

Yeah we are in the promised land
But you know we've been here all along
We think we're doing the best we can
But for so long now we've been getting it wrong

Everybody needs to breathe

Stop, listen, what's that sound
Seed being sown on stony ground

Everybody has the right
We do
We've got to put things right
You know

"Promised Land" by Stanford shows promise indeed. His low-fi recording technique is very interesting - and when combined with good songwriting and melodies, it makes for a nice combination of originality and uniqueness that I haven't really heard before.

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