Marina Stump Pass (duet)

Story Behind The Song

I did my best to not sound like Jimmy Buffet, but as it goes, I failed at that.

Song Description

Performance credits are, Stacey: lead and harmony vocals. Scott: vocals, acoustic guitar, and organ. Michael: piano, synthesizer, and the kalimba. Trevor: electric bass guitar. Darrell: drums and percussion. (Strings arranged by Michael & Scott).

Song Length 3:42 Genre Rock - Easy Listening, Pop - Rock
Tempo Medium (111 - 130) Lead Vocal Duet Male/Female
Mood Enchanting, Blissful Subject General, Energy
Similar Artists Jimmy Buffett Language English


Smooth sailing, baby got the wind at my back, smooth sailing, darling gonna have such a blast...I've got a bottle of tequila and a pretty senorita, pound of gold says we ain't comin' back! smooth sailin', Straits of Florida and a clear blue sea, all the way to Marina Stump Pass...darling I can't tell you how I've waited for your smile, just to hold you in my arms and touch your silky long blonde hair and look so deep into clear brown eyes, darling I can finally say my search is over now, put on your pretty birthday suit, that one that looks so doggone cute, let's rock the water 'til the well runs dry! smooth sailing...all the way to Marina Stump Pass, we'll party down with the blast from the past!...smooth sailing, they say those cold northern winds gotta blow, smooth sailin', but darling not the place that we're gonna know that southern winter sun and that golden baskin' fun gonna set our inhibitions free... smooth sailing, passion's fire burnin' out of control! ain't gonna tire 'til the high tide is low...(instrumental break)...darling you can see me smiling wider than the open sea, I can see your essence shining and your aura's glow igniting every star across eternity...darling I am standing where I dreamed I'd always be, tears of joy are streamin' as the blue moon's light is gleamin'...disconnected temporarily...smooth sailing, baby got the wind at our backs, smooth sailing, let the pain and heartache die in the past...we've got a '57 vino and a very clear destino, side by side most indefinitely...smooth sailin', Straits of Florida and a clear blue sea, all the way to Marina Stump Pass...

Getting Jimmy Buffett vibes from this song, really like the male/female interaction in the vocal performance, the vocal performances were great in general. The mix on this song is solid, There's not a lot of instruments but it still feels full enough to carry the song. This sounds like the kind of music people would want to hear while partying on a beach.

Like the story and the fun vibe

Sounds to me like this band has been playing for a long time together and have both recording as well as live performance experience. Nice tune and I love both vocals. Reminds me of Jimmy Buffet. Fun tune. Sounds like you are very comfortable playing it.

Great sound with a very good flow. Sounds like Jimmy Buffet meets Kiki Dee. Great vocals, both front and backup. A sound that makes you want to get up and dance.

Wow! Well done, love the bass work, straight up rhythm, great vocals, great theme, well produced. What's not to like, this is a real gem. Little bot of Jimmy Buffet came to mind with the theme and vibe. Love the way you traded vocals back and forth, actually listened to it twice

nice pop rock track duet. a enjoyable listen, and pretty catchy. sounds like a old hit song, well recorded and musically its top notch

Lyrics Scott D. Tingley Music Scott D. Tingley
Producer Anthony Iannucci & Scott Tingley Publisher Independent
Performance S. Tingley & studio band Label Searing Technicolor
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