Where it goes

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life is flying by

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Where it goes

I was deep inside
the belly of the beast
42 felt like a feast
I drank it in and it breathed me deep
All the souls were standing in the street.
Selling and buying all kind of flesh
Old times they are the best
but this street feels a lot like me
All caved in occasionally

He was tall but shorter
He said hello to reporters
He looked at his look as the rain came down
He get caught in the underground
But he saw her there with the big brimmed hat
Looked like a hooker with a heart attack
But he wasn't much for makin talk
She wasn't much for takin a walk

Where it goes, where it goes
I ask everyone but, nobody knows
I used to think it grew on trees
But eventually you come to see that
he's coming for you and for me

She was reading a book about james dean
About him in between
the movies he made
the love she traded for her soul not her goal
She took to him like a tonic
She was trying to look all ironic
but the whole thing was kitsch
hooked up with a hitch
you had buy her story
but the morning glory wasn't with it
She tried to shirk it

I hear about that noose swingin in a tree
It was planted by you and me
And we feed it everyday
and the leaves never fade away
I decided one day not to fear
but embrace to listen and not just hear
To try to se what the other side was buying
It turns out i wasn't even trying

But the days get shorter and
and I'm affraid the mortar
tween the bricks, takes it licks fall to pieces
like so many creases
In the face the fact you ain't forever
Clock don't shut down altogther
I saw Sydney chasing JJ and he felt like me

Let stop with the down
Lets bring this around
to the fellow standin on a leg
he could but he didn't be
He said you gotta make every minute count
as the seconds year start to mount
watch the tide and
feel some pride you can't hide
from the big clock has you locked
We're not here for ever
We're not even that clever

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