Too bad I'm lyin

Song Description

A guy realizes he has lost the bets chance he had at love

Song Length 3:56 Genre World - World Beat, Pop - Alternative
Tempo Medium (111 - 130) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood Miserable, Moving Subject Lost Love
Similar Artists Jason Mraz, Roxy Music Language English
Era 2000 and later


Too bad I'm lying

I used to think I had the answers
didn't need to take a chance or
wreck the game that I was playin
I regret what i was sayin

I was sure you weren't the one
I was just out having fun
Didn't think that I miss you
even though I loved to kiss ya

When I let you down so hard
I was standin in your yard
I said we didn't match
you could find a better catch

But then I saw you yesterday
even though I tried to look away
Said it was hard gettin of bed
but then you smiled at me and said

I'm surviving just fine
I've been filling my time
I don't feel much like dyin
I'm surviving just fine
Too bad I'm lyin

Then you slowly walked away
Said you'd feel better in a day
Now I know you were the one
and I realize what I have done

Why does it often seem to be
that we just can't really to see
The beauty beyond the eye
until some other guy

I admit that I was wrong
thats why I wrote this song
I wasn't smart enough to chose her
now guess who is the loser?

I saw you just last week
I even kissed ya on your cheek
you asked me how I was doin
I stood up straight said...

I'm surviving just fine
Yeah I'm surviving just fine
Too bad I'm lyin

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