Thats what you get

Story Behind The Song

My story of dreaming and lack of success

Song Description

KInd of a negative take on pursuing ones dreams

Song Length 3:41 Genre Pop - Alternative


That's what you get

Though the real estate is sinking fast
Though the good times don't seem to last
I will abstain, forecasting rain

No, it wasn't my very best day
Even the pump attendant looked away
He was consumed by her perfume

And though I cried when he went up
I cursed the day he filled my cup
And I thought, that's what you get, for not finishing high school

Though the FBI called the CBC
They took the worst and got the best of me
Displaying their knack for dressing in black

And just like it was meant to be
My fate is heading right down on me
Like a truck coming down the endless highway

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