His Favorite Century

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I witnessed an argument between William F Buckley and someone and the man accused Bucklety of being a dinosaur and in favor of capital punishment..and wishing for a return to old times and another century

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Favorite century

It was simple, let the punishment fit the crime.
But things were different, no one knew about prime time.
How we'd bow and genuflect.
We had a thing about respect.

He knew of mercy, that much he did allow
But the pillory was a favorite with the crowd
How the courtroom would fill with zeal
Cause the treadmill had appeal

Things were so always so nice in his favorite century.
And you didn't think twice in his favorite century

Now there's something he's still nostalgic for
When the key was turned, they didn't come for more
And council would only glance,
at a speeding ambulance.

I admit a certain fondness for a century gone by.
You'd be the show in the village square,
until you testified.

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