Story Behind The Song

visit to catalina island

Song Description

guy remembers the place and time where he first kissed the girl

Song Length 3:12 Genre Pop - General
Tempo Medium Slow (91 - 110)



Hey baby stay a little longer
the night is getting stronger
Its a shame if you gotta go
baby don't let me know

If you didn't have good time
then it don't compare to mine
cus I felt it was fine
when you died and went to heaven

Hey baby you gotta stay with me
We got so many sights sights
and so much to be
I need to hang around with everything you do
the slightest thing brings me closer to you

Try as try, as I try as I might
i figure out what i said last night
I don't care I just wanna make it right
So we can go back to being in...

you know was just like
when your lips touched mine
I was in Heaven

Many miles have gone between us
the last time that they seen us
I was just a girl in school
and you had up and broke the rules

These dramas are part of the game
that is alway played the same
as it was in olden days
mostly in olden ways

But don't you worry
that did not sway me
It simply served to try delay me
from attaining my stated goal
to get us together
and get us on a roll

But the lights across the bay
they seem so very very far away
They remind of the time
when you were mine
and we did dine
in heaven

Lyrics scott paterson Music scott paterson
Producer scott paterson Publisher scott paterson
Performance scott paterson Label scott paterson

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