Happy Now

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Ignorance and want

Song Length 3:20 Genre Rock - Classic


We should be happy


When I was young I couldn't relax
Despite my efforts I was faced with the facts
It ain't easy when you don't have the cash
Everything I wanted was more than my stash

But now I am rich and it feels so right
The good Lord has given me day over night
Once in a while I visit the hood
Where once I toiled but now I'm good


I should be happy now
Now I own everything
I should be happy now
Now I own everything

Happy now, happy now, happy now baby

I go to the Riviera for lunch and some jokes
I like the water muchly but I don't like the folks
I have many watches that I trade with the Pope
We tell stories how we manage to cope

The richest gets the bestest and the richest, that's me
When you can afford it they give you stuff free
Italian car makers my driveway anoint
I prefer the Germans but that's not the point

I hear the lazy all hang as one
Down in the city that is built for fun
I'd throw em scraps but it leads to mishaps
so i don't cause unrest
I'll never spend it b ut I'll keep the rest

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