Daddy walks that way

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Doctor strangelove getting our of his chair

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Dubya Bush The war machine

Song Length 3:28 Genre Rock - Alternative
Tempo Medium (111 - 130)


Daddy Walks That Way

A long time ago when the west wasn't won
a lonesome stranger showed up with a gun
He made his mark quickly, he was fast on the switch
Made a couple mistakes but daddy was rich

In the town hall they took turns crying
trying to figure out if he was selling or buying
But he made sherrif with a confident stride
The funeral director's wife said he looks like he knows how to ride

Then came the day when trouble came to town
He looked for help but there was no-one around
He tried his best tro put a posse inplay
But when the going got tough, that posse went away

There are things in this town, we don't like, that folks do
but there are a lot of other towns we may need to visit too.
So the flower of Arkansas will sail the seven seas
In 90 thousand tons of diplomacy

When I grew up I watched him every night
It wasn't true until it came from Cronkite
I'd try to guess the number, it was a game of sorts
He'd list the body count between news, weather and sports.

When you drive the big caddy
you drive right on through
Sometimes it sticks in the mud
but you can't let that bother you

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