Flashback To Stranger Days

Song Description

Serene, nostalgic, evocative instrumental piano and strings piece suitable for documentaries, or to be developed as a main theme in a film soundtrack.

Song Length 3:23 Genre Unique - Soundtracks, Unique - Soundtracks
Tempo Medium Fast (131 - 150) Lead Vocal Instrumental
Mood Serene, Poignant Similar Artists James Newton Howard, Ludovico Einaudi

Smooth, comfortable, fits just right... this song is like a comfortable blanket on a cool night. Warming tones that move along like a stroll in the park. And it has all the right changes to keep things interesting. Nice melody and nice on the ears. Perfect song to relax to or for background listening. And a great number to shop for sync opportunities for sure!

Should have a use in Film or TV background use.

Beautiful created piece of music. Fantastic pianist that brings so much emotion to this song. Interesting interludes and almost an impromptu. The strings could be a little softer and the synthesising is taking away from the quality of the genre.

You have a gift for writing a beautiful melody. Thank you for sharing this peaceful tune with me (right before bedtime). I can see this working in a film production. For some reason I pictured a little boat going down a river. Nice piano playing! A lovely listen!

a very nice piano classical piece of music
i very much enjoyed this i thought it was just right. good playing good feel and emotion that spoke through the music.
a track you can listen to and dream to. nice

What a beautiful song. I loved where it took me. Such peace and tranquility. Great piano playing. It flowed so wonderfully. Thanks for the treasured moment of enjoying your music. :o)

I like piano music - love minor chords. I like the build up with the "strings" sections. I like the different chord phrasing...an interesting soundtrack for a movie.

Nice piano playing and strings sounds like it should be on a movie soundtrack

I think the piano really sounds good, it has a good beat and the synthesizer makes the song sound smooth and professional. Sounds like a soundtrack to a movie.

Nice sound and melody. I really like the opening and the build. Love the piano, the strings, and the overall feel of the piece. I could easily see it being used in a film!

I like that there were variations, and enjoyed the choppiness in the middle.

I liked the rhythm change up at 2:11, where it kind of throws you off kilter but then goes back to the foundational rhythm.

Piano is always relaxing and easy to listen to and for the inner mind to actually hear what is going on. This in my opinion is creation of thought at its best, and this composition does that from the very beginning. Orchestration is not overpowering, as so many video and movie tracks are. It all fits together pretty well.

I like this. I'm not a regular listener of this type music but I do listen occasionally. The song has a feeling of something happening, of building from a peaceful mood to a somewhat more intense mood and then back down again, which I like. The listener can create their own story as to what this change in intensity is about. I like the way the strings come in after the opening section which is only piano.

Good piano playing, nice melody.

Beautiful, dramatic music with interesting pauses that feel like sighs. Good piano, perfect choice of instrumentation and spacing of additional sounds. A Day In The Country, The Flight of a Bird, A small Child Playing - and so on - this piece can be the background music to many diverse themes, and it can be the feature focus, with backgrounds of action or sight. A lovely piece of music.

Very nice romantic feel. I love the synth adding background interest. This definitely works for film synch opportunites. Recording is nicely done, and the piano obviously is fantastic. Quite the classical treat.

I love a waltz that is wrapped in an enigma and mystery. This piece invokes both time and place without being specific, leaving it up to the listener to paint the picture and construct a meaning. This piano instrumental speaks to everything and nothing at the same time, allowing the listener to select their own frame of reference. Nicely done!

Beautiful piano composition. String orchestration comes in at around 3:00 in. There's a few tasteful backwards special fx thrown in as well. Great work!

Love this melody. Reminded me strongly of a film score. Your song has a very unique mood and feel to it, great work. Keep up the good work.

Wonderful sway, usage of scale, and sonic tone that feels "like a warm blanket of nostalgia." I think this a lovely piece, it could be polished in many subtle ways surely, but is a delightful detour from those who don't work in melody. I like it. I think the composer of this piece has great potential, but would go much further if he broke everything down in a MIDI environment, and reproduced it with studio level control. As is... Its still very lovely. I can picture it in a dream sequence, a sedation sequence, or even a forbidden love/fruit sequence. Good start, keep it going.

Melanchony piano piece, shrouded in a nice halo of reverb, appreciable bittersweet tone, should make a great soundtrack for the right movie.

It's very pretty

Great piano playing.Great use of sustain pedal.

Lyrics N/A Music Malcolm Lally
Producer Protilius Productions Publisher Malcolm Lally
Performance Malcolm Lally;Nathaniel Jones

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