Everything I Wanted

Song Length 4:21 Genre Rock - General, Rock - General
Lead Vocal Male Vocal Language English


It's a prerogative
Slowly fade to blue
Concentrating on the negative
Like they always do

I, I, I know you'd give me everything
I know that you'd be mine
Come on just give me anything (all of the time)
Give me everything..
Everything I want it

If you want more than what you got
You gotta get back to it, be accurate
And take that shot
You gotta heed the call of all the fallen
And yeah we're all in
We'll all win yet
Need is all
Greed is all
Put it all on red

Give me, give me, everything (I want it)
Give me everything, everything,(I want it)..everything....I want It.

Some contact
Some kind of closeness
Spirits lifting higher
They react
How don't you notice
Sets the world on fire

Lyrics Malcolm Lally Music Malcolm Lally
Producer Sundown Sessions Performance Malcolm Lally
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