Ballad of the Blade Runner....

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Blade Runners.....

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Blade Runners....

Song Length 3:16 Genre Folk - Contemporary, Folk - General
Tempo Slow (71 - 90) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood Poignant


The Ballad of the Blade Runner.............

James was born in the Summer of 1982
He grew up tall
He grew up strong
He knew just what to do
Heart over head
What a good man has to do.......
The boy loved his mother he loved his father too
The boy loved his Country ........
........ this boy ........straight and true............

Jane was born in the fall of 1983
She grew up pretty
She grew up small
She was born to set James free
She wanted their shot at this life
Just to be James wife..........
She gave everything........a woman has to give
And she loved her Country
This girl .............straight and true.....

War on a tyrant.... a Country comes to call
Do your bit
For the cause
Hearts and bones go to war............
Protect our freedom
The job you have to do.......
To die with your brothers....that what we expect of you...
These boys loved their Country ........
........ these boys ........straight and true............

James the Blade Runner.......bullet fast and strong
Broken bones no broken hearts
Fighters all day long
You are the 300 standing strong and tall
To run with your brothers
That was your call
These boys loved their country....
These men straight and tall............

I really like the guitar playing and the general flow of the song.
The singing is nice - it should have less effects to let that stand out.

Calming but moving folk song. Love the guitar arrangement, and the guitar is well played. Good vocal, nice clear lyrics and sung from the heart. Quite a dry mix on the recording, but this gives the whole song a very personal feel.

I like the texture of the vocals. Vocal timing nice. Guitar enjoyable.

The beauty of this song, in my opinion, is your wonderful guitar playing. Even if there weren't any lyrics, I could listen to you pick for hours. Beautiful instrumentation. I could understand all the lyrics to your song. Poignantly sad reminder of war and the toll it takes on young lives. "Hearts and bones go to war" brilliant lyric.

Good song. Good voice.

Really like the story/lyrics. Nice, clean instrumentation.

loved the song very nice i could here it playing as tom hanks ships off after private ryan, can be a tear jerker in the right spot.

What a lovely song! It has everything: wonderful melody, great lyrics and fabulous vocal and instrumental performances. Great but sad story. I love it. You should be very proud of this one!

nice chords mixed with a good melody and vocal style. well thought out lyrics. nice phrasing.

nice vocal, guitar work, pleasing story played out in many families all different names we send boys and hope we get men back.....I got lucky mine came back a man

Nice tune, the story really draws you in. Very nice tone overall.


Loveley track. Straight and Tall. I really like the minimalist approach used. Sweet guitar line.

Nice tune. Reminded me of my life in the '60's and early '70's.
Clean, clear guitar and vocal. Liked the way the lyrics tied to the hook.

interesting laid back folk song with simple lyrics and acoustics

This is a lovely song! Very well played. The guitar sits nice in the tune. Really dig this!

not bad fr what you are going for

relaxing sound, nice picking, good voice

Like the vocals, guitar tone is great.

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