Hello world I'm Damian MIMIC Randall, I am Songwriter and Producer of music. I am a native of South Central Los Angeles, California. I write and create my music to be used by me or sold to who may appreciate it. I would love to be recognized one day for making good music.. So I Keep at it constantly, working on my craft. I am looking for a personal manager.

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New website underway for MIMIC of www.MadinnermanMusic.com !!! stop in and check out the new Gear by our Sponsor OG's Only, and New Viedos by MIMIC and ChipsStar Ent.. with weekly throback the Old Videos!

I will not Give Up, or Give in.

To many, this world is only dollars signs and gain. From my eyes, all I see is beauty in the music that eases my pain! My Mother had addictions, music being the muse, and as she abused, Music would sooth me. Tragic how my life resembles Hollywood, were unjust deals became so real,as lust was used to pay the til, I witnessed real!
Toady I'm on my countdown, as I frown and look around at a corrupt, Justice system that beats down, a ward child, who's love has not yet been found with in his muse-ic!
On April 10th, I will be Sentenced to 3 years in Prison, because the North Hollywood Police Physically with intent, While Stating "Shut the Fuck Up! Screaming Like a Bitch!" as he broke my ankle.
There were 8 to 10 Witnesses of the incident. the police were called to my house on false statements saying I had a gun and no weapons were found! The call came from santa clairta I live in North Hollywood, and yet I get 3yrs for coming in contact with the police!!.. THEY FORCED THEMSELVES INTO MY HOME WITH GUNS DRAWN!! I WAS FORCED INTO CONTACT!
SO I have no time to give anyone for crimes I didnt commit, and would rather torch my soul then allow someone to profit from my misery AMEN! and THANKYOU ALL!


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Hello Damian, thanks for the kids rock email. The album is released now. Here's the title track: Mrs. Kate
http://www.broadjam.com/artists/songs.php?artistID=24409&mediaID=698700&play=true 1

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Damian "MIMIC" Randall
over 30 days ago

im Back and Eager to get it in who with it?http://www.broadjam.com/songs/mimic8808/fucc-buddy 1

you gotta hear this song... https://twitter.com/madinnerman/sta tus/655039370374680576 #newmusicfriday

Get your download today on
https://play.google.com/store/music /album?id=Bzyudkiikjuawxw4uowgk6jox yi&tid=song-Tlhvh5m6t3vkqkenlonp557 wxvm
https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/o n-her-tough-feat.-king-gangis/id987 929992?i=987930133

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