Whose Blues ?

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Great music....

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Dedicated to great music

Song Length 1:35 Genre Blues - Country
Lead Vocal Male Vocal Language English
Era 2000 and later


Whose Blues ?

Whose blues are these
Yours or mine...?
Yer blues.... baby
I wish that one was mine.......

Left hand Jimi right hand Johnny, Bassman super Paul
Thank you for the music you're all getting the call

So whose blues are these
Black or white
Who's blues are these
Howlin' Wolf Jack White....?

Beat box Richie, bass drum Billy, Hi Hat Charlie too
Ask the walrus ask the fool I hear googa joob......

They say music soothes a savage beast
Blue suede shoes and be-bop plants the seeds
I heard rock n roll is going down
But cast you beady eye around this town.......

And say ......Whose blues are these.....Rock n Roll time
Whose blues are these
baby yours and mine.....

Loved the guitar work on this jammin' little ditty

Really nice song. I like the combination of the Dobro blues and the Beatles feel. Good production quality and the vocal sounded pretty good too. Sounded sort of throw back to an older time.

catchy melody

Lyrically strong. There's a lot to think about with this little ditty. Wonderful picker.

Cool song! Very catchy and interesting.

this was a pleasant listen. Had a fun, bouncy feel, nice guitar playing

Very catchy tune! Really enjoyed the lyrics and the vocals!

always enjoy hearing this song. it's hard to peg style as it has that Beatle-esque 'white album' feel to it, almost a pop show-tune. well done.

The unusual vocal tone is rivetting.
The arrangement makes the song particularly interesting.

I like this a lot. Lovely riff and great lyrics. Fun idea for a song. Great guitar playing.

Great foot tapping song

What a bouncy, infectious, song! Love it; great vocal and slide guitar. Thanks!


Good slide guitar. Better quality of recording would help. I think there is a market for this work.

Great tune, love the vibe, instrumentation, and vocal effect.

McCartneyesque with nice blues licks

Fantastic recording. Very cool vocal effects and brilliant lyrics

love the guitar arrangement and vocal pitch. Really nice feel, upbeat catchy folk tune with a little punk rock, woody guthrie would be proud.

Pretty catchy tune.

Got a Robert Johnson feel on that slide. Love the little things about Jack and the Beatles stuff too.


Cute song. very catchy lyrics. Good feel.

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