Laurence's Lullabye

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My life

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My life

Song Length 2:36 Genre Folk - Contemporary


Laurence's Lullabye

I always wanted somebody
To write a song about me
But Nobody ever did

So I thought i'd write this song
And dedicate it to me
And I thought you could all sing along.....

Laurence's Lullabye

Well they say that love is the reason
That we're all meant to be
I say love is the truth and love is the way
I say love is you....
You and Me....

Laurence's Lullabye

So I played my football
And I wrote my songs
And I married my beautiful wife
We had two beautiful sons

What more could any man ask for in this life ?

Laurence's Lullabye

Really good song with an original feel, well recorded and confidently performed, great hook with vocal Phase adding something to get the listeners attention. Nice use of the cello to bind the arrangement together, works very well indeed. I liked this a great deal, thanks and good luck with your obvious talent.

Nice gentle guitar, cello or viola? in the mix?...nice soft vocal...words all very the humor of someone writing a was Delta Dawn!....all well done.

Concept is wry and unusual: 'If no one will write a song for me, I'll write it myself!' Personal and idiosyncratic lyrics, bravely eschewing rhymes. Made me smile. Unusual musical form passacaglia) and instrumentation (arco 'cello on bass) - echoes of 17th century? It all adds up to a pleasing and individual song. Reminds me a bit of Duncan Abbott . . .

I love the opening. And writing a song about someone, especially oneself, is very unique, and the hook, which I guess is also the chorus, or maybe a bridge, I am not a professional musician (whatever the hell that is,) and so will call it a chorus/bridge. Anyway it sounds unique and very different and is very catching. I like the whole thing, and I really like that the vocalist does not sound like every other singer on the radio. Do they still have radios today? I do not have one, haven't had for years.

I like the wry and wistful premise here. If no one writes you a lullaby you must just write one for yourself. And a sweet, repetitive, soporific lullaby this is. The voice is soft and silky and soothing. A lovely lullaby.

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