That Girl

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Another song for Beatleheads

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Another song for Beatleheads

Song Length 2:48 Genre Pop - Rock, Blues - Modern
Era 1960 - 1969

love the haunting aspects of this - nice instrumental track with cool chord changes with just enough spacey guitar to keep things interesting.
Enjoyed the lyrics as well and the ethereal effect of the vocals at the end - liked the answer back greek chorus as well.

I really liked the way the guitar parts worked with each other. There was some cool layering going on there. I feel that the idea for the song is there. I liked it, but I felt like it left me hanging in the production dept. I think with a little work it could be an even better tune.

Interesting pop song. Well done, production-wise.

Reminds me of the Beatles. Cool spacey music.

Very interesting, ethereal sound like almost a 60s throwback but it still sounds modern. The jangling guitars sound wonderful. I could easily hear this backing up a film/TV scene, particularly using the instrumental version. Amazing feel and left me wanting more!

i like the effect on the vocal

This is a VERY promising & well written track with a lead vocal that suits perfectly. The production and instrumentation is well suited for the song & i very much enjoyed listening to it.

The style and recording certainly had a late 60's style to it - don't know if this was what you were aiming for. The lyrics could use some strengthening. I appreciated what you were trying to do with the backup vocals. The background noise of the vocal track in parts was distracting and could use re-recording - maybe with the main vocal more up-front middle and dry and backups panned with more reverb to give them the feel of sitting behind the main vocal. This might be a more effective way to gain separation than separating vocals left and right.

Very interesting song. This reminds me very much of something George Harrison would have recorded in the late 60's. Well done indeed !

Good hook to the song nice.

maybe a little more of the lead to come out between the versus, but hey thats just me.

groovy harpischord (or synth) w verb, kinda verb-y vocals also. a touch of 60s psychedlia like the byrds here and there, mixed in w alittle peter gabriel or yes perhaps. lyrics engage, "comin' out to play."

Nice efx on the guitar. Nice harmony. Nice synth sound. New wave sound. This is a unique piece. I appreciate how the vocalist's accent can be heard in the delivery. There may not be limitless placements for this track but I think it is solid and will fit well in the right niche.

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