Story Behind The Song

Spring was coming - things coming back to life that looked dead

Song Description

Survival in difficult times

Song Length 4:30 Genre Rock - Progressive Rock, Rock - Psychedelic
Tempo Medium Slow (91 - 110) Lead Vocal Female Vocal
Mood Composed, Anxious Subject General, Determination
Similar Artists Fleetwood Mac, Jefferson Airplane Language English
Era 2000 and later


It's not a bird, it's not a squirrel
It's not the wind hanging on the edge of return
It's surging up from deep in the frozen ground
A breath drawn out like a splinter
That makes these branches shudder
Like a diver that's been under too long
Crossing the line that almost crossed you out

Crashing through winter's spellbound walls
Arms spring elastic sunward
The air resounds with cascading chains that fall
And shatter to the ground with a shudder
Leaving uncovered a trembling naked hand
As you cross the line that almost crossed you out

Your hunger's been left too long
Your will is numb and thick
But now your wooly comfort
Strips you awake with a sweaty itch

Your blood stirs like a hunter
Your prey is locked in sight
Moving from the cover
Freed to let your aim take flight
And you shudder like the string of a bow
As you cross the line that almost crossed you out

Free fall from the ledge of fear
Where your fictions hover
The life you dreamed that seemed so hard and clear
Is ripped away with a shudder
As you cross the line that almost crossed you out

This is pretty fresh. Classic prog with a few cool new elements. Do I hear the influence of contemporary classical music in some of the extended techniques? I dig the production too, very mature handling of a variety of sonic elements.

vocalist kicks butt,, nice arrangement,, good music all around

Lyrics Julie Vik Music Julie Vik
Producer Colin Nairne Publisher none
Performance Julie Vik, Alex Varty, Ian Cameron, Corbin Keep, Simon Kendall, Damian Graham
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