Julie Vik - 2010

Folk/Prog/Poet Julie Vik is a musician/composer residing on Bowen Island BC.

Vik has extensive training in classical music, although she began her performance career at 9, playing bawdy rugby songs at house parties. Next she went on to the coffee house scene to do the hippy chick shtick, and then left that behind to play bass for an Iggy Pop cover tune band. She has released three full length CD's of her original material, the first two under the band name Resin, and has contributed to the compilation discs 'Bowen Music Exchange' and 'Snowin' on Bowen'. She engineered and produced the compilation CD 'Warming up Winter' 2005 and has written and produced for film projects, worked as a composer for poets and spoken word artists, choral works, and has directed choirs.

"...A strong link to the English 60's art-rock scene with bands like Caravan, or Van Der Graaf Generator and their jazzy excursions gives half the picture. On the other side a bit of Patti Smith songwriter poetry...and a deep rocking sensibility gives the overall direction to a warm and moody experience. Recommended."
Alie Thormann, The Psychedelic Music Database - Berlin, Germany.

Julie's vocal interpretations have been compared to Joni Mitchell, Grace Slick, Sandy Denny and Shirley Manson. All these diverse women sing with a fragility backed by incredible reserves of honest power and the hybrid that makes up Julie Vik will leave you wanting more of her unique and incredible voice.

"Excellent and indispensable work, highly recommendable..."
Carlos Albero Vaz Derreira, Progressive Rock and Progressive Metal E-Zine - Rio de Janiero, Brazil

Performance highlights include the Vancouver International Jazz Festival, "'Poor Boy' - A Tribute to Nick Drake", and Bumbershoot. She has received international airplay from Canada to the United States, South America through Europe and down into Indonesia.

"There is a Psychedelic vibe throughout, and the music is assuredly arty. It is, however, definitely Progressive in the sense that it skillfully blends influences from Folk and Jazz in particular, but also Funk, Rock and even Space Rock to create something that is distinctly their own...a backdrop for Julie Vik's poetic, playful and oblique lyrics, which she delivers in a confident semi-spoken style."
Dave Sisson, The Dutch Progressive Rock Page -London, England

An active community member on Bowen and mother of four boys, Julie's unfathomable energy and talent extends into acting, poetry and a cook of creative order who fills the bellies of Bowen residents. Julie also co-founded the Bowen Island Music Association which still thrives today after 16 years.

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Radiation Mountain
over 30 days ago to Julie Vik

Hi Julie --haven't heard a new tune of yours in a long time (maybe my fault not yours). Out to Shine is just wicked cool. And your band sounds fantastic. Downloading right now. ~Jeff

over 30 days ago to Julie Vik

"Shudder" & "Promise"..........great songs Julie. Contratulations to you and your band on wonderful productions. I tried to add to PL's, but bj won't open up the page at this time. I'll be back later! All the best to you!

Jeff Rauschl
over 30 days ago to Julie Vik

How lucky was I to reveiw "Not You" .. You got the Pipes girl! I gotta hear more here

2 Replies
Julie Vik
over 30 days ago

Thank You!!!

Julie Vik
over 30 days ago

I haven't checked in here for awhile. Thank you Jeff! It is so so nice to get feedback like yours!

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