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Song Length 7:00 Genre Folk - Alternative, Rock - Progressive Rock
Tempo Slow (71 - 90) Lead Vocal Female Vocal
Mood Poignant, Still Subject Philosophy, Sanity/Insanity
Similar Artists Elliott Smith, Elliott Smith Language English
Era 1600 - 1699


I'm writing the story of a fragile life
It's hiding here between the lines
of nets and barbs
and tempting worms
fishing for dinner
through weeds in the dark

I keep kelp heads
impaled on sticks
filled with smooth stones
from the beach
their unruly whip tails have whithered
they smile at me
like daffodils
and make a dull pleasant rattle

the fleeting fragile life of passion
retreats in manacles forged in the mind
the fleeting fragile life of passion

I fell in love
with a flame that danced
to the sighs of the wind
my longing is branded
with the memory
the cool black wick
locked in my embrace

I have a tear
embedded on my cheekbone
where I apply rouge
its just on the curve of my sight line
it mars my view
and reminds me I am happy

the fleeting fragile life... (repeat chorus as above)

This sounds lovely, really gorgeous and dreamy. A very interesting and original production. Great arrangement. Loved the change at 6.00.

Obviously you are going for something a little more esoteric as opposed to poppy and/or hooky, and I'd say you've nailed it. An interesting song that kept my attention the whole way to see what was coming next.

Lyrics julie vik Music julie vik
Producer colin nairne Publisher julie vik
Performance julie vik, colin nairne, damian graham, travis baker, Joel Lower, Alex Varty Label none
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Playlist Creator Playlist Name Date Added
Ian C Bishop Hot Stuff 12/29/2011
Nick Fuse Hot Stuff 7/6/2011

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