The Most of Nothing

Story Behind The Song

I had this tune that sounded like something Graham Nash would write, so I made a philosophical song looking back on my life during my 20s and taking a journey to find love, meaning, and fulfilment.

Song Description

A philosophical song about finding meaning and fulfilment in life.

Song Length 2:52 Genre Folk - Rock


When I was young
I went back to the city
To see what I could see
I saw the shops, the movies, and the beaches
And people on the streets
And when I came back home
A question stood in front of me
Is there a place where I can play and sing
I looked around to find something to believe in
Looking with all the most, the most of nothing.

So what is true, so tell me where's the ticket
What book shows everything
If on the road, well, is there such a map
That can show your destiny
'Cause love is far away, as far as the horizon
You'll have to find a place to play and sing
I might find peace, I'm always compromising
Make do with all the most, the most of nothing.

Where are you from
Do you have all the answers
How did you find me here
Are you still lost, or are you still a seeker
Then come along with me
And we'll go far away, as far as the horizon
And we can find a place to play and sing
And we may find that nothing is everything
Find love with all the most, the most of nothing.

This is a fun song. I feel good

I like the lyrics very positive as is the instrumentation.

Lyrics John Walradt Music John Walradt
Producer John Walradt

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