Snap, Crackle, Stop!

Story Behind The Song

Energetic Smooth Jazz track with a definitive beginning and ending!

Song Description

Energetic Smooth Jazz track with a definitive beginning and ending

Song Length 3:15 Genre Jazz - Smooth Jazz, Jazz - Contemporary
Tempo Medium (111 - 130) Mood Welcoming, Cool
Subject Instruments, Excitement Era 2000 and later

I really love the bass line...It grabbed my attention from the first note till the last...I can hear this song being used in television commercials, movie and television background and for sale on I-tunes, CD Baby's a great smooth jazz instrumental...the quality of musicianship is top notch professional...

wow, what a groove! Loved the bass..............You are certainly a good musician who can keep a groove hoppin. I chose the name 'Ridin the hog" because it remined me of the feeling of riding a motorcycle or a horse, with the wind in your face, and feeling good. Great song.

Great,Great,Great ! My kind of music ! No more to be said

This flows nice, sounds good, good work.

Nice groove.It's definitely moving and has lots of energy. Definitely a well arranged and presented track with excellent licks throughout. Kudos to the author and the performers. I would definitely but this track.

Love the feel. Love the melody very nice tune. Recorded very well. Its very pleasing to the ear. I like the melody and the bridge. Very nice work.

Great work, lots of ideas all working well together. Excellent musicianship. Tight band. Great recording and production.

Great tune, if you could hear it.

oh yeah! the music grabs you right away.very nice changes,my kind of music.

great track for driving along an ocean highway with the top down. especially enjoyed the crisp, expressive keyboard work throughout. very contemporary arrangement and perfect fit for the smooth jazz category. CHEERS!

Very nice, very smooth!!! I like the instrumentation arrangement. Nice melody.

Wonderfully mixed, composed, and recorded. Instrumentation is great. This song is well put together and is ready for airplay somewhere. Hope you've submitted to have this played somewhere in Jazz land. nailed it.


Great intro. I'm feeling the groove on this song, nice Brazilian flavor. Great Rhodes playing. Good mix, the sax and keys are blended well. Reminiscent of some of the 70's jazz that I loved! Joe Sample, Groover and Bob James!! The outro is "sick"!

Gets really interesting at 1:55... nice bridge. @2:44... nice way to take it out... Can't wait to hear more!!! Nice choice of instrumentation.

Kept my attention from the beginning to the end. Excellent track. Love the bridge work. That bass is rockin'!!!

Lyrics N/A Music Jantony
Producer Jantony Publisher Jantony Publishing
Performance Jantony Label Jantony Records, LLC
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